Looking For Smartphone Help...
In Plain English?

No One Can Blame You If You're Feeling Intimidated By Your Smartphone.

Smartphones are complicated and powerful hand held computers.  That's why the Beginner's Guide includes TONS of full color pictures.  

Each icon is clearly identified, each setting is circled in bright yellow.  Every single step is clearly identified to ensure learning to use your smartphone is the easiest thing you'll do all day.  

"You simply will not find easier to follow smartphone tutorials anywhere."

This is for you if...

You're ready to use your smartphone but frustrated with all the "techie" speak out there.  The Beginner's Guide To Smartphones is for you if you've ever thought:

  • I need a LOT of instruction beyond the quick start guide.
  • I'm concerned that I might break my phone or at least really screw it up.
  • This is my first smartphone and I have NO IDEA where to start. I've never used a touchscreen before and it's not very intuitive. At least not to me.

You Don't Have To Know Everything To Love Your Phone!

Thinking you need to know every feature on your smartphone is extremely overwhelming.  Here's what you'll learn in The Beginner's Guide To Smartphones:

Share Photos

Easily share photos with family and friends in text message, emails, or even on Facebook. This tip works with all your favorite apps.

Use Smiley Faces and Emoji

Learn how to add smiley faces and other cute icons, called Emoji, in your text messages.

Background Wallpaper

Use your favorite photo as the background wallpaper.  Personalize your phone to make it work best for you.

Remove Unused Icons

There are icons on your screen that you've never used. Learn how easy it is to remove them so you can see that photo you're using for your background.

Change The Ringer

Are you bored with the ringer on your phone. It comes with dozens to choose from. Learn how easy it is to switch.

Make A Note To Yourself

Need to make a note to yourself. Forget pen & paper. Speak the entire note and your smartphone will email it to you.

Try Texting Without Typing

The one feature of your phone that makes it incredibly easy to use is speech recognition.  Once you try this you will never use that teeny tiny keyboard again.

How To Use Notifications

See all those icons across the top of your screen.  Those are notifications and they give you quick access to your most used apps.  Learn what they are how to use them.

Shortcuts & Quick Access

There are 6 different "gestures" the touchscreen will recognize. Learning them opens up all sorts of shortcuts and makes your smartphone much easier to use

Traffic Alerts

Wondering if traffic is bad. Your smartphone can tell you if you should leave a few minutes early or take an alternate route

Copy & Paste

Surprise everyone when you show them that you can Copy & Paste inside your smartphone just like you can on a computer.

The Perfect Reminder

Need to be reminded to do something when you get home?  Your smartphone can remind you based on date and time, or location!  

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Why Should I Try The Beginner's Guide To Smartphones?

I Could Find These Tutorials For Free.  True, there are many sites dedicated to smartphone how-to's and news.   And while you might be able to find bits and pieces of these tutorials for free elsewhere, you would most likely end up spending hours going from site-to-site trying to find a complete solution that you could have finished in 10 minutes following the complete lesson in the Beginner's Guide. 

I Don't Need All That Fancy Stuff.  Smartphones are the Swiss Army Knife of computers which is exactly why its so easy to get overwhelmed by them.  In The Beginner's Guide you walk through the most commonly used features to create a solid foundation that you can build on. As your knowledge and confidence grows you might want to do more with your smartphone.

I Don't Have Time For Training. Each lesson stands on its own, meaning you don't have to go in order if you don't want to. Each lesson is short and jumps right into the task. No single lesson should take more than 10 minutes to complete.

I'm Afraid I Won't Remember How To Do It When I'm Done. That's why you have lifetime access to the tutorials.  You can even print them out.  Many of the steps for completing actions on your smartphone are very similar, so once you get used to the basics, you'll intuitively know how to the use the more advanced features of your phone.

Better Than A YouTube

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